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Property of the week.

£295,000 Studio Knightsbridge/Belgravia
4 bed house, Lytham Road, Blackpool
£18,750,000 6 bed house, Carlyle Square, Chelsea, London, SW3
2 bed bungalow, Shortlands, Kent
4 bed house, Kenwood Drive, Beckenham
4 bed house, Shortlands, Kent
4 bed house, Beckenham, Kent
4 bed house, Park Langley, Beckenham
£649,950 1 bed flat, Barnsbury, London N1

London Property Sales Were Never so Simple! List Your Property Here to Get Best Price

Property Sales, Buying, Renting or Selling property on-line with Webhouses is simple and inexpensive. Services normally handled by local estate agents are now being handled on-line and are ideally suited for those who want to sell or rent their properties fast. Webhouses is a for-runner of on-line property sales, started in 1998 for the sales of property by the owner without the expensive services of estate agents.

Selling your property by selling it yourself with Webhouses is commission free saving thousands of pounds from estate agent commissions. You can sell your property for as little as ñ99, with advertisements, on our website and our other tools available through the Webhouses store. You can set your own price too. You can be on the market overnight, by entering your advertisement on our site. We have for sale signs available for you to do your own on site advertising. You can erect the sign yourself in your window or garden, or for an additional fee this can be erected for you, by one of our agents.

Our search engine makes it easy for prospective buyers to see your advertisement and they can find your property by area, town, address or postcode. We have a simple address for buyers to arrive at your advertisement without a long complicated web pointer , so you can easily buyers to your ad in your own advertisements if you wish to augment your advertising through local papers, or social media. Webhouses will promote your property through social media at no additional cost, so please include any extra features that will help your property stand out in your advertisement.

To get started with your advertisement, simply get together photos of your property, make out details of the property in a word processor program and save as an html document . Enter all the details that you think relevant, as well as the price you want and your contact details. If you want us to vet buyers first then include our contact details found under contact us instead and we will forward the details to you from the prospective buyers. When you have prepared the photoӳ and the html then click on Selling and upload all the details and we will send you the web pointer to your advertisement and include it in our search engine immediately. You then can check out the details and pay for the advertising when you are satisfied within a week paying at our store for the advertisement an any additional requirements you may wish.

To sell your house with the minimum of wasted viewing we recommend you take advantage of our walk round video that will describe your property to prospective buyers in the convenience of their armchairs and will ensure that time wasting visits are avoided. This service is free with a little effort on your part, or if you havenӴ the time to make the video yourself you can avail yourself of one of our agents for a one of additional fee. To make your own videos click on the video button which will describe how you can make your own videos and how to get them onto the site along with your advertisement.

Welcome to Webhouses

The home of fine properties for sale or let.

Webhouses allows sellers, or letters to advertise there property for sale, or to rent.

Webhouses are in need of more properties for sale, or to let. If you are thinking of selling, or letting your property then why not advertise here. You may also include a video of your property. Just send us your details and we will soon have your property on the market place.