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Linux Tools for Web Design

You need the Linux mint 19.2 "Tina" operating system for the tools to work on. Go back to the Mint button Linux on the previous page for instructions to obtain it if you have not already.

The first of the tools is the Firefox Web browser installed on Linux Mint as the preferred working web browser, which is already in the desktop Menu. You can install the second Filezilla and the third Geany are simply installed from the software Manager installed on the desktop Menu. The fourth Teamviewer 14 is installed directly from it's owner's site on the web.

A fifth tool needed you can have on your Firefox browser on the Bookmarks Toolbar. This can be obtained from this link

This is a quick and easy way of obtaining, a colours 6 digit Hex value. Decimal is based on counting using base 10 counting using the symbol values 0 to 9. Where Hex is based on counting using base 16 counting using the symbol values 0 to F.

The style tool is part of the HTML language and with it you can change the colour, size, font of your text and margins. The fifth tool allows you to obtain the Hex codes you need to set the text colour and background colours. In the GIMP tutorial you use an eyedropper to get the Hex value of a colour from any colour on your desktop. You can instead use the colour tool from to obtain a Hex value for the background instead of using the eyedropper. Just enter the Hex value you want in the Hex value field of the eyedropper. Then you can use it for Text, Background, Brush or any tool that is based on colour.

Style is used within any layout codes to change the values. The paragraph above was created within the Style codes and is: h5{color: #d1d1d1; margin-left: 5.5em; margin-right: 4.5em; font-family: "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace; font-weight:200; text-align: justify;}

See the Reference guide below for more information on styling. To add the fonts to a style a quick way is to see the fonts available in GIMP. In the Text tool.

A Tutorial and Reference guide for HTML "The language for building web pages" for html code and working examples you should also have on your Firefox browser on the Bookmarks Toolbar. This can be obtained from the link:

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