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ARC Auto reset chips for Epson T33XL cartridges for XP-830 XP630 XP-540 XP-635 XP-640 XP-645 printers.

T33XL auto reset chips for Epson t33 t3351 t3361 - t3364 toner chips for Epson XP-830 XP630 XP-540 XP-635 XP-640 XP-645. 5 chips for each of the 3 colours and the 2 blacks. They auto reset when reinserted. No resetter is required. They work with all T33XL cartridges even those that the printer rejects normally. When 15% is reached the printer will flag empty. When removing the cartridges replace the caps on the cartridges.
To install a chip in a cartridge carefully remove the chip from the cartridge with a small screwdriver some cartridges have a slot for doing this. If not then try with the screwdriver or a Stanley knife. When removing the old chip carefully note that the chip has four contacts to the top of the cartridge and five to the bottom. The ARC chip should be inserted in the same direction as the original was.
Cut the appropriate colour or black chip out from the strip enclosed. Only do one chip and cartridge at a time to ensure that the right chip is inserted in the correct colour or black cartridge. Warning the chips tell the printer the colour and if you don’t have the right colour then the printer will not accept it.
It is best to use disposable gloves for the refill operation and have tissues at hand to clean the over spill.
Remove and refill the cartridge to 80% at least. Use a 10 mils hypodermic syringe with a long needle. 10 mils is best. The Black requires two holes with 12.5 mils in each side.
To refill the cartridge fill at the small hole where the yellow tab was that you normally remove. If your cartridge does not have the whole drill a small hole with a 1 millimetre drill. Push the syringe all the way in and slowly fill the cartridge until the ink appears at the hole.
Replace the cartridge and it will then be reset and be accepted by the printer.

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