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I describe my two weeks with the router.

I had a great deal of help with this from ruitshop a seller on eBay. I wanted to buy his Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro B535 Unlocked Item number:154076076178 which is still on auction for another 5 days.

Read this and see the pitfalls of 5g in the UK. I note in Thailand even the islands have 5g and at £3 a week for a sim. My first point of call was as they offered 5g very cheaply and their sims had it by default. I went to the Three shop and in a half hour I was renting for £24 a month a 5G router and took it home with me. They had given me two unlimited sims which I thought was a great deal and really made my communications take off. However I did not use the second sim for a week and went to Danial at the Three shop where he installed it in my phone. He rang his number so it appeared to work. I tested the data which did not work. Ever helpful Daniel said it would start in a hour. It did not

I waited antother day and no data. I spent over two days, contacting the chat line with Three in an effort to have it fixed. I was always being rebuffed saying I did not own the numbers and so got nowhere with them. I sent a letter of complaint to Three's complaints department in Glasgow. I asked them to fix it. I never had a reply but after a good deal of writing to the chat which kept saying I did not own either numbers. I wrote an A4 size page on Libreoffice and then copied it. It was explaining all this in detail to use on the next chat again when they would undoubtedly say I did not own the numbers. It happened again so I pasted it the chat lady. Finally, this really clever lady fixed it. It was corrected after a half hour she expressed it as it was not due to be activated for another three weeks. You can see that Three are not very clever bunnies except for this one lady. It seems it had not been activated and I had spent two days of requests for a solution.

Then the next problem I was getting a speed test of 0.02 Mbps in Woolwich and Stratford. I tried EE sim and then had 63 Mbps and then Giff Gaff which uses the O2 network and had 72 Mbps. This puzzled me for a week until today. I though I would try it in another 5g area in London as that could hardly go unnoticed as I thought that would certainly hit the papers if their network was behaving improperly. I guess since I must have been the only one between Woolwich and Stratford that had a router with Three to find the problem.

After my eBay mails to ruitshop I thought I really needed to test it in another area. I had seen others saying they had speed tests of over 600 Mbps so somewhere someone had these rates.

I set of early for the Angel in London in the midst of a Three 5 g area found in their maps. I went in the World's End Pub by the Angel Market and to pay for a Peroni at £5.50. I installed the router and with the Tree sim I had 47 Mbps. I had proved one thing that it was an area problem with Three. Then I ralised it was not 5g as this was only 4g speed. I contacted Huawei and asked if the Huawei 4 g router 535 was 5g. I had been told by Daniel in the Three shop that it did 5 g as well. Clearly he was wrong and the whole purpose of having a 5 g router was defeated as the speed was not 640 Mbps as some had said with Three. He also pointed out maybe the sims were not 5 g as well.

I then went to the Three shop in Islington where they had a 5 g router working and on 5 g. The salesman said that they charge £29 a mont for this and they only provide one sim. In Woolwich they had given me 2 sims allegedly 5 g ones. I then went to the Royal Thai on the Caledonian Road King's Cross which I had seen was actually out of the 5 g area to do more tests. I then had 9 Mbps with the Three sim and I tried the EE sim and had the best yet 117 Mbps. It was not a 5g sim and the Pay as you Go sim from them does not support 5g. You have to have a two year contract at £23 a month to get 200 GB's of data.

Now the Royal Thai bill came to £20.70 so this dodgy router has cost me my time £26.20 plus another £10 when I had started another Three sim thinking the sims I had were faulty. I had asked to cancel the contract a few days earlier and was told that there would be a cancellation fee. Clearly this router and the sims are not fit for purpose. I will now ask Three to refund me all my costs and cancel the contract without any penalties.

I wish Three every success but they need to get there act together so I hope they do not ignore my second letter of complaint. I would accept the 5 g router that they actually do have in Islington. I will also want my money back for this debacle. If you want more details then

Now of course I do not know if my sims are really 5g. I think now I can make a test to see if I do have 5g sims. Using my 5g Huawei P038 and Huawei P45 phones sold on I will use the WiFi signal to my Laptop in the Angel again where it is a 5g area. I will go tonight and test through the phones. I will also test the Three Pay as you Go sim that has £10 on it that promises 5GB of data. This will mean you can get a router using a 5 g phone for £10 a month. I am going again to the oThai restaurant afterwards as a new law is to be passed tomorrow limiting gatherings to 6 anywhere. Guess it will be a while until I can go to a restaurant. Well I tried to use the phones and had really bad results. I have checked at home and with both 4g and 5g iPhones as well as androids do not give you more than 3Mbps by tethering or hotspot. I have also found that each network has data limits on tethering e.g. O2 20GB.

I asked The helper in the Three shop in Islington to help test the sims and he said his router was locked. I asked him could he get in touch with Three and tell them their network was faulty as I could not reach He referred me back to the useless Three shop in Woolwich. Guess I will have to see Daniel again. I will make screenshots of the Three speed and show him. Guess he thought he could always get another job when his company folds. He did say that I should tell them where I bought it though so I took his advice.

I visited the shop and asked Daniel for the manager it was half hour wait before Daniel told me he was the manager indicating his black bag. I supposed the black bag was full of goodies and showed his authority. I still had to wait for another man who he said was the area supervisor. It was he that I eventually spoke to and Daniel made himself scarce. However occasionally during the chat the area manager called over to him various points. It seems they are now stocking the Huawei 5g Router which I am trying to buy now the same as they had on demonstration in the Three Islington shop. I had brought a printout of speed test of the 4 g router to show him the problem they have in the hope he would tell the engineers to have it fixed. It was a forelorn hope however. Here is a copy of that days speed test.


I asked him to test the network with his new Huawei 5g routers. He refused saying he could only open a box if he had sold one. He had no demonstration model. I told him that would be very serious selling something that did not actually work in Woolwich because of their faulty 4g network and probably their 5g one as well. They clearly need to have the network repaired immediately and have a demonstration model in Woolwich and to test the speed to ensure you will not be selling goods that do not work in Woolwich. If they could do these things they could display a notice in their window with the speed they can get in Woolwich, hopefully, ~600Mbps for £29 a month. This would be a great seller making Virgin 100 Mbps fibre look a cripple at the £28 they charge that is if you can ever get them to fix a baseplate. My wife has been waiting for aone to be fitted for 10 months now. and has had no service but that did not stop them sending a bill for £35 for it's service. That is seven pound more than the advertised price.

I have now sent another complaintt to Three explaining that they are offering to sell goods that will not work with Three in their area as they have not yet found out that they do not work yet. Just because they refuse to open the box or get a demonstration model in to show. I have asked them to fix the network and make sure they have a demo model on show. I asked them to let me know as soon as possible when you have your network fixed otherwise I will have to have a 2 year contract with EE as their Pay as you Go sims do not support 5g. That is when I buy the Huawei 5g CPE Pro Router. I think this is the best bet rather than paying £29 a month for one with the inept Woolwich Three shop. I am told that Giff Gaff will have 5g sims in the Autumn so Three needs to up their game with advertising in their shops that have 5g. I think it is a really great product at a really good price. If you are not in a 5g area yet they will still give you 4 g speeds and like my King's Cross test with the EE sim have 117 Mbps.

I hope to get my Huawei 5g CPE Pro Router in a week and hope Three have fixed their network by then otherwise I will only work with 4g on my Giff Gaff card. The EE sim will work but only on 4g unless I pay for a contract one £23 a month for 200GB. That would not happen unless the strength in my home from the advertised one bar for an outside connection. Hope Giff Gaff have their 5g sims out in the Autumn. I will let you know how it works out if that happens. Bhavish in a chat today promises me to have the newtork fixed we will wait and see.

Well I decided to go and a deal for a 5g router first trying EE. Well I had them all wrong the 5g router was not £35 but £50 plus £100 up front fee and only 100GB a month. Then I went to Three again and took their unlimited deal on the Huawei 5g CPE Pro for £29 a month with two unlimited sims. Glad I did. This is my first speed test.


I have now sent another letter of complaint to Three. I said, I have at last obtained a 5G router from your Woolwich shop. I tested it in the cafe nearby and had this great result of 679 Mbps. I have asked repeatedly on your live chat and in the shop for them to have a demonstration model as they refused to open a box as they said they were sealed and the customer was the only one able to open one.

When I was home in an area that your 5g maps show as having no 5g I had 185 Mbps. That means the area is at least five times bigger than your maps show. You clearly need to update your maps more often.

My complaint is that the Woolwich shop should have a demonstration models on show and you should advertise the speed of 679 Mbps in Woolwich for £29 a month. On the blackboard outside on the window. Also that the router has a phone connection. This is important as Virgin has a phone as well but only 100 Mbps for £28. So that should be advertised as well.

I had not realised the router had the phone connection. This needs to be pointed out more. Now I have yet to get the phone to work as there is no dial tone and cannot find any reference anywhere on how to fix this problem. I suspect it is a fault with the sim not having had any calls made. This needs to be addressed and the help on connecting the phone via the RJ11 connector added to the help.

I wish you the best of luck and enclose the speed test for your information. Perhaps you can pass my letter on to your advertising department as you should be making more effort to sell your 5g routers with your current advertising campaign that does not mention your wonderful product.

Well I tried to get the phone to work asking Huawei they said contact Three so again I was chatting on Three and they did not understand or know the answer why. I decided to write my 6th complaint to Three complaints in Glasgow. I know they would ignore it as well so I made one to the head office in Maidenhead as well. It went like this:

Over the past two weeks I have sent 6 complaints to your Glasgow complaints office and not had one reply. I want you to know you have a great product but being seriously let down with problems. This is todays complaint which I am sending to them and am sure will be ignored as well.

I have reported this to Santash on chat and she has failed to do her job. It is a major problem with your Huawei 5g CPE Pro router.

The sim given me does not dial out which it should as the router has a rj11 phone connector. It is obsured that you do not allow calls on the 5g when you do with the sims given with the 4g router.

You advertise and it is on your box:

No Landline
No Engineer
Forget Fibre

In any event it does not work as the connection to the rj11 has no dial tone. The sim when put in a mobile receives calls but does not allow calls asking you for another payment. This is quite ridiculous considering when you give two sims to the 4g router with unlimited calls, text and data that work in this router as well but still no dial tone.

The dial tone needs to be fixed for my service. In fact for everybody who has this router from you. I asked Huawei who said it may be faulty maybe this one, or your whole batch of routers are faulty.

Furthermore in my area the Woolwich 4 g service stll only gives 1Mbps download speed which I have reported to Santash on chat who did not seem to care. I did report this last week by a better operator than her but nothing has come of it. Please fix this great offering soon as it will create a bad reputation for Three.

I hope you can find out why the rj11 has no dial tone and reconsider trying to get payment for outgoing calls whenever you get it to work.

The issue with Woolwich’s 4 g service needs to be fixed as the Woolwich shop is selling the 4 g router and will not work in that area. Indeed I had bought one four weeks ago and found it would only work in Islington. I was miss sold that having been told it did 5 g as well so it was only then did I find out it did not do 5g as I had gone to Islington to test the 5g service. I rang Huawei who confirmed that it was only a 4g router. I complained about the 4 g router and was told I could return it as it was clearly not fit for purpose in Woolwich and that it was miss sold saying it was 5g. I have now sent it back as requested.

Friday I obtained the Huawei 5 g router from your Woolich shop. I went to the cafe round the corner and obtained 675 Mbps so was very pleased. This is a great product and the faults need to be addressed. Your Woolwich shop needs to have a demonstration model as they refused to open the box to test it. The same as in East Germany where you had to buy a bed before you could lay on it. Then they can advertise the 679Mpbs that I had in the coffee shop round the corner. Speed test attached.

Where I live your 5g map showsthat there is no 5g service. Well that is wrong as I get 156 Mbps so your area is at least 5 times greater than is shown on the map. This needs to be addressed as well. Well that was the end of my letter and I hope some good will be done with it.

I also found that the router was locked to Three so I could not use it with any other network. I wanted to move it from place to place and maybe an area might not have a 5g signal and I would use O2 or EE instead. This is a big mistake by Three and thought it best for me to buy an unlocked Huawei Router instead. I therefore decided to cancel my contract. I decided to chat again as I thought the best action was to cancel this contract as there were to many problems and this may be a faulty device in any event. I was told since it was still within seven days I could return it to the shop and have it cancelled. I decided to do that. I went to the Woolwich Three shop and told them I wanted to cancel the contract they had me wait for an hour serving everyone else until the shop closed. They then told me that their systems were down. I said why did they not tell me in the first place and what was the telephone number of the shop so I could ring tomorrow and make sure the sytems were working. She refused to tell me the number.

I went back on the Three chat and a very nice lady said that she would make a stiff complaint to the shop. She then said she would send a bag for me to return the Huawei Router and I would have the contract cancelled as soon as the router was returned. Lets hope this happens soon and I can buy an unlocked Huawei 5g router. This time I will buy the Battery powered model which you can take anywhere. This does not have a phone jack but considering the Three sims may not be supporting this it is a better idea. I can have the unlimited data, calls and text for £22 from Three and will use that in the areas that Three has 5g defaulting to 4g if the 5g service is not available.

Well the Huawei 4g router gave me speeds of 117 Mbps. Twitter followers complained to me about using Chinese and especially Huawei well they do not need to complain any more. A Japanese invention made in the USA this is the new kid on the block by the people who brought you Roku for your TV. It is the Muama Ryoku Portable WiFi 4g Battery Router with speeds as fast as 150 Mbps and it fits in your pocket and you can use it in a tent to get your WiFi. No landline and runs on it's own battery. No need for those so called fibre routers which are not fibre at all just old fashioned copper adsl landline routers.

Muama 4 g Router

Buy it now on webhouses at £79. It comes with a Giff Gaff sim on the O2 network, or use your own sim so no extra charges. Maybe use the Giff Gaff sim and from Giff Gaff's Goodybags £10 a month for 6 GB data, unlimited phones and text or £20 for £80 GB. If you have a good Three signal that is better than O2 in your area then £22 unlimited everything is best using the Three sim. Use the mast checker app Network Cell Info Lite on your mobile which shows the masts and signal strength in your area.

I will keep updating this page to show how I have got on with Three. I think if they get their act together this will be better for everyone as the deal is very good. However if you buy a 5 g router and use EE this may have advantage as EE certainly has a greater coverage. Wherever, you live it is well worth while to check the coverage of both of them.

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Huawei have made a very impressive video about the 5G router.