Our affiliates can prosper from the sale of our yumi USB sticks. We have two that will help web designers create customers. You will also receive commission on the sales from our store at webhouses.co.uk on the sticks and Broadband routers.

See the Yumi stick at

The same operating systems are also in our 4 port phone backup at

If you have a website we can add yours to ours to generate even more customers. Our Store and our 3.3 Gbps Broadband site at ryoku.network will generate sales as well.

The sale of our 4 port phone backup and magic stick will prove good sellers and create customers for web designers. Both of these allow installation of many operating systems. These are :

Install any of these operating systems from these bootable USB Sticks

Windows 10, 32 and 64 Bit
Windows 7, 32 and 64 Bit
Windows 12 Lite, Not Microsoft this is Linux so you are safe from virus, adverts, data theft and waiting times.

Fedora 34 cinnamon desktop. The Rolls Royce of operating systems were you can host multiple websites on you machine. Designing websites see webhouses.co.uk/domains.

LinuxMint 20.1 cinnamon desktop,

The cinnamon desktop is visually like Windows 10 but far better in every detail.

Linux Tails 4.4.18 Secure Operating System,

Gparted for disk partitioning and formatting.

SuperGrub2 fixes Windows 10 problem on reinstalling recovers the grub boot screen.

Office 2019 Professional with Office, Powerpoint, Excel, Skype, OneNote, Publisher

It is recommended on multiple installation to put Windows 12 Lite on last as it has a pictorial grub screen which remembers the last OS used.

Activation folder for Windows 10 and Office 2019 for as many machines as you wish.

You can dual boot or multi-boot with Windows 10 or 7 with the Linux operating systems except for Tails.

Tails does not install but runs from the stick It has the Tor Browser for security and the dark web.

Office 2019 Professional does not boot but is installed from it's folder by clicking on setup.

The Workstation Fedora 34 has a cinnamon desktop rather like Windows 10 but with far more features.
This is a powerful operating system that allows the user to host multiple domains as well as shoping carts. Users will need the services of web designers to assist in generating their web sites. You can see the potential then of sales of the device and have access to customers who would appreciate the help of designers to create their sites.

Hosting the sites themselves they will only need to buy the domain name for about £4 we have a site for this with instructions on obtaining domains at webhouses.co.uk/domains/ .

Our Broadband at £10 a month is the fastest around with speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps, with no contract, no landline and can be active the next day after the delivery of our routers available in our store. You can promote this on your website and obtain commission on the sale of the routers as well. You can see our broadband at https://ryoku.network