The Webhouses Private Sales...

Webhouses offers the private home seller an opportunity to advertise your property, on the web. If you have a property that you want to sell fast, then you need to enter your details with us. If you have a property video on Youtube you may also include a pointer to the video of the property. Then we can include a video on your page for free.

It is best that you prepare your photos up to 20 photos, with a maximum 1000 pixels width, in jpg format. Name your first photo facades.jpg and then the others with a description e.g. livingroom.jpg.

It is a good idea to prepare a full description of the property to add to your web page. This is best done in a html file which can be added at a later stage of the detail entry. You can prepare your text in a wordprocessor document then save as an html file..

When you are ready then you can sign in and start entering your property details, jpgs and the html file for your property.

We may have a local agent that can assist you and even do all the work and provide a billboard and advertising.

You must first sign up at