Selling your property the easy way with Webhouses

We have a new offer with the following features:

Webhouses offers the home seller an opportunity to advertise your property, on the web. If you have a property that you want to sell fast, then you need to enter your details with us. If you have a property video on Youtube you may also include a pointer to the video of the property. Then we can include a video on your page for free. This walk round video will save timewasters so make a video with your phone or camera.

We offer a full estate agent service for a limited Special Offer for £400 this will allow you unlimited photographs as well as feature that no other estate agent does. We have been the leader since 1988 in online selling and believe we were the first online estate agent. Then overs followed us and the market has become really crowded. We offer extras that no other estate agent offers.

You may make money while your property is on offer with our Buyers opportunity. This is an entirely new concept of selling your property being paid while your home is on our website being offered for sale. See win.php for details and a YouTube video that helps explain it. YouTube

Free Website to sell anything you wish and collect payments

Cards at 1.75% charge first £1,000 free of charges.

We set the website up first to sell your property with photos of all the rooms. If you have a layout plan we can include that otherwise you need to measure all your rooms and gardens for us to make a layout plan.

All you will need for the website is the email that we give you and your bank details for payments to be paid into. This requires a Name, Sort code and Account number and will take about 5 days before you can start taking payments through your site, or over the phone.

You have two choices of websites. One Website gives you a Credit card (Mastercard) which, you can transfer payments into. Please ask if you want this type. You can change the details on your website at any time add categories, or items. You can connect to your email with a mail facility like Thunderbird Mail that we recommend for security, or use your own mail service. You can also manage your account anywhere in the world over the web without a mail facility.

It is best that you prepare your photos up to 20 photos, with a maximum 1000 pixels width, in jpg format. Name your first photo facades.jpg and then the others with a specification e.g. livingroom.jpg.

You will need if no local agent is available, to prepare a full specification of the property to add to your web page.

You should make a walk round video. Here is a sample walk round video just click on Walk Round Video.

Walk round video

Make a walk round video to sell your property.

We initialy set up your website. You will want to add more pictures or change the selling price. You can manage your website and add items. We have a series of videos in handling this with tutorials at so if you want to delive in please do so.

This is a sample of the website we design for sellers. Sample of website

When you are ready then you can sign in and start entering your property details, jpgs and the html file for your property.

We may have a local agent that can assist you and even do all the work and provide a billboard and advertising. You can buy our double sided (need a 4x2 inch stick inserted between the 2 boards) for sale board click on the board to buy yours now.

For Sale

If you are ready to start with our full service you can pay £400, or you can pay in 4 easy payments of £100, then click to pay We Are Moving House.

Property sale

Just give us a call, or send us an email.

When you registered you will be given a prepared website so you may add further information.

We have a tutorial for you to do more setting up your site loading a better operating system that has Gimp and is faster with avoiding all the virus Windows 10 creates in the world here

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