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SEO Tuition and making a website and hosting it for free

Making a website is easy and you can have a shopping cart as well. We have a link here to make your website and tutorials to do this. You have a choice of two designs and hosting sites. You can use Square for the more sophisticated site. You can take cards with this site at 1.75% commission. Contact us for a token to have first £1000 free of charge.

SumUp is another site with a free credit card where your money can be credited too. There card reader is one of the best for only £35. Both of these have no monthly charges.

You will find all the information for this use SquaresBay.com Link from your site to SquaresBay and obtain a free Downlink.

We have video tutorials for each section of SEO these will teach you how to design your website.

These videos are best viewed on celluloid on good operating systems like Linux Mint or Fedora 38.

Before you start you should use these two useful tools. They check first that you do not have any dropped links. The second will do a SEO test of your site. You can keep checking back as you fix bad SEO and see if you have improved or made the situation worse. Use this one first to correct your dead links until you have a No Errors report. Load it now and add it to your panel.
Now Download Deadlink Checker.

The Screaming Frog tool is an invaluable tool so use it regularly. Choose your operating system then Download.

You should give it a try it wil show how much work you need to start with. When you run it you can then obtain your latest sitemap. You then add it to your site and update it to Google it only takes a minute.

Now here are the videos and you are on course to a certification for SEO

SEO Basics 4 videos each of which auto download then you can then play and replay at your leisure.

SEO Basics 1 Learning SEO

SEO Basics 2 Why SEO is Important

SEO Basics 3 How to Create a SEO Strategy

SEO Basics 4 How to Measure Your Authority

On Page Technical SEO 8 videos

On Page Technical SEO 5 How to Optimize your SEO Strategy

On Page Technical SEO 6 Allowing Search Agents to Index Your Pages

On Page Technical SEO 7 Writing and Editing Meta Descriptions

On Page Technical SEO 8 Writing Descriptive Link Text

On Page Technical SEO 9 Internal Linking

On Page Technical SEO 10 Url Structure

On Page Technical SEO 11 Technical SEO Basics

On Page Technical SE 12 Optional Resizing and Compressing Images

Keyword Research for SEO 3 videos

Keyword Research for SEO 13 Why is the Keyword Research Important

Keyword Research for SEO 14 Why are Topic Clusters Important

Keyword Research for SEO 15 How to do Keyword Research

Link Building for SEO: Scaling Your Backlink Strategy 2 videos

Link Building for SEO 16 Why is Link Building is Important for SEO

Link Building for SEO 17 How many links does your content need to rank on on page one

Optimizing Your Website for Rich Result 5 videos

Optimizing Your Website 18 Why Relationships are the key to Link using press request alerts

Optimizing Your Website 19 Why Relationships are the key to Link building at scale

Optimizing Your Website 20 What are rich results

Optimizing Your Website 21 Optomizing featured snippets

Optimizing Your Website 22 What is structured data

SEO Reporting 3 videos

SEO Reporting 23 How to report on your SEO

SEO Reporting 24 How to report on your SEO efforts

SEO Reporting 25 How to add your website to Google Search Console

You can use more tools as mentioned in the videos and eventually obtained a certification for SEO Register now.

I have made a video and it has tutorials on Photoshop Gimp included as well a KdenLive video editor. These are useful tools for Webdesigners to put photos and videos on their pages. See the video it will help you with the exam it lists the nature and form of the exam for you to be a Guru. The answers to the questions are all on the videos on this page. Good Luck!

I made this video as a result of my Facebook page. It covers this tutorial and other SEO help. It is on YouTube John Dolke having other useful videos for designing websites and editing for websites. Please promote the video by Email, Twitter and add it to your Facebook. If you can send it to your press agent it will be a good start to have your site promoted. Each person taking it up will create many backlinks you can benefit from. Watch the video and subscribe and make comments don't forget to put your website in the comment then I can add it to SquaresBay.com so you can have another link.

Copy the Url on social media and friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36q0FF1Y2xU YouTube Video Learning SEO and Certification

Here are tools to add to your website

Make your contact details mobile friendly so they can dial with a mobile with one click.

Make a contact us page then make a link to a page you call mailphone.php Put the code into this new page. Right click and copy and edit the source code. The first part id="blockOfStuff" is for desktop users The second part id="blockOfStuffMobile"is for the mobile. It works detecting the browser size to choose which block it uses. Mobile Dialer Page

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