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Fed up about ads for Fibre broadband and being miss- sold 25 year old tech ADSL with the usual copper pair. If you want 1000 GB Broadband we have it in our WiFi Broadband section just click on WiFI. You can buy these Broadband routers in our store. You can buy a router which you can take anywhere and you do not need a landline for as little as £22. Your Broadband will only cost you about £10 to £20 a month.

Then in our store get a better operating system without virus and waiting a half hour before you start. In our store you can find the best operating system available. Windows 12 Lite. It can dual boot with your Windows and when you switch on it will remember which operating system you used and will boot up. You have 5 seconds to choose another.

You also can install the best operating systems to your laptop or desktop. Install Windows 12 Lite. Other operating systems are also available like MakaluFlash with 3 D and wobbly windows.

Install Windows 10, Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina", Linux Tails super secure system with the Tor web browser to browse the web anonymously also including the dark web. You can install Linux Mint 19.2 alongside Windows 10 in a dual boot. If you install Windows 12 Lite you can then triple boot choosing which one on startup.

The Magic Backup Mobile Phone Data stick has 5 Operating Systems on a 4 in 1 Lightning Micro USB Type C Micro SD TF Card reader. It also can have Windows 12 Lite by itself. Load any of these Operating Systems Windows 10, Tara Secure Desktop with Tor Dark Web browser and the Latest and best Operating System around Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" which you can dual boot with Windows 10, 7 and Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina". Gparted Gnome Partition Manager is also included for resizing or formatting and partitioning drives. Activation for Windows and Office 2019 Professional is included.

The 512Gb Card has an additional Office 2019 Professional to use for 30 days after which you need to activate it to continue using the Office 2019 Professional. Includes Tails secure live operating system with 50 programs on the desktop menu such as Libreoffice word processing of 19 types including Word, Gimp Imaging program superior to Photoshop, Thunderbird Mail and the Tor Browser that browses the normal web and the dark web .onion sites. You can load 30,000 free programs to the menu such as Chrome and a rivel to Quicken GnuCash which works with Quicken files. Tails does not install but runs from the USB and files to Windows and Linux or to a separate USB.

The Magic 4 port USB can also be used to backup and copy files, photos and videos from Android OTG phones and Iphones, iPads and tablets. Tails super secure operating system does not install and works from the USB. You can save to the hard drive or another USB as usual. This Desktop has the usual Libreoffice and other great programs.

Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" comes with the cinnamon desktop and 100 programs installed such as Firefox, Thunderbird Email, Gimp Image editor better than Photoshop and the famous Libreoffice which does at least 20 word processing programs far better than Word. You can also install 30,000 free top of the range programs with the Software Manager, such as Chrome and Playlinux which allows you to run Windows on top of Linux should there be a program that you cannot find a Linux equivalent for. Drag any files across the desktop from Windows to Linux and visa versa. No more virus as there are no virus in Linux protected by the world Linux community. If you get a Virus in your Windows it can usually be repaired from Linux.

Our search engine in our store you will find a vast amount of electronic products and software. Mobile Phone offers, USB's DVD's and other usefull products for mobiles.

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